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    Aveyond 2

    Cheat Codes:
    Submitted by: phillip

    To get to the highs level do shift + ctrl + alt then type in highs level if
    you want 9999999999 gold do then same just type 9999999999 gold or inf gold
    same just inf gold and for god mode do same just type god mode.
    (i just made these cheat codes)

    Ean’s magical abilities come from wooden transfigurines that are obtained
    after defeating bosses during the game. Each transfigurine will allow Ean
    to change into that creature and take on its magical abilities.

    What is the Magic Express?:
    Similar to traveling runes in AV1, Magic Express allows you to quickly
    travel to different locations. You must activate a switch at the destination
    before you can go there, which means you can only use it to return to places
    you have already visited.

    Weapon stash – Spire Mountains – From the place you enter observe cliff side
    and 3 trees above you. Inspect cliff side near the top tree.

    Armor stash – Woodlands – From Ryva follow the river left, fighting 2 chickens,
    and inspect cliff side on the lower left corner of the map.

    Free level up – Green Weed Plains – In the lower left corner of the map above
    a chest, where 2 bears walk around, inspect cliff side above the tree. Pull
    the lever in there to get a level up for whole party.

    Gold Stash – Sari desert – Again in the lower left corner of the map, when you
    get to the shore go down and inspect cliff side.

    Keep using spells that make whole enemy party sleep if u recruits the white
    magic guy in ur party. If its black magic guy? well hold on and wait till u
    get the north wind to exchange a very strong north wind spell (-2000+ hp to
    whole enemy party).br>- It doesn’t matter which guide u join. Because these
    spell are useless. Just join any one to make the game interesting.

    Weapons and Items:
    * Ice weapons like the claws will not hurt the queen for the final battle
    with snow queen.Be sure to change it to fire or something else before
    fighting her.
    * be sure to donate in donation box…it cost u only just 10 coins. The
    reward would be a sphere that enable Lya to learn the most useful spells.
    * Dont ever buy the cursed weapons.It just a joke. U can laugh at it but
    when u equip them the one laughing are the enemy.
    * sell the foods if u can…becoz they just heal little. There are so
    useless. Elixir can heal full hp so what are u waiting for? Travels
    and sleep at inn can heal everything.

    * Recruits jack later on with ur charcter all in a higher level. He will
    come in with a higher level and u could concentrate training the main
    4-5 characters. With him,u can open locked chest.But to be honest items
    in locked are useless. Get him only when in are near the last few level,
    only items behind in chest are useful.
    * My advice is dont ever take gavin into ur party. Take Nico first…he
    can use a sleeping spell. When u gets the north wind,takes gavin and get
    nico out for final battle…gavin will join with the same level around ur
    other characters when u recruit him.(provides that u don’t recruit him
    once before.
    * Be sure to married off character before finish battle for different ending.

    Tips and Tricks:
    -Talk to your mom.
    -Go to the Elder Oak (west of the village) and talk to Iya.
    -Search the forest for treasure chests. One contains a wooden shield,
    and one contains a hunting knife.
    -Equip Ean with the wooden shield, and equip Iya with the hunting knife.
    -Go to the beehive (east of the village) and fight the queen bee.
    -Click on the big glob of honeycomb that the queen bee was protecting to
    add a chunk of it to your inventory.
    -Go back home and give mom the honeycomb.
    -Go to bed. Watch Iya’s dream and her abduction by the Snow Queen.
    -In the morning, go talk to mom. She won’t remember Iya.
    -Go into the village and talk to every villager. Many of them will say
    they don’t remember Iya.
    -Go to Iya’s cottage and talk to her mom, sister, and grandma.
    -Go search Iya

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