Avvy – Denarius Avaricius Sextus

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Avvy – Denarius Avaricius Sextus

Cheat Codes:
1. The Rope
The rope is yours after talking TWICE to Romulus the Centurion
in the bar, Canis. You will need it to explore the cavern.

2. Treasuer’s Key
To get the key, Lupus is needed. But you must first visit your
arch-enemy, Lupus, who throws you to the lions. The lions will
kill you unless you have a weapon. A trident would be nice.

3. A Weapon
Visit the temple to the right of the bar. Neptune has a trident
that would make an excellent weapon against lions. If you
complete a man’s rhyme, (rhyming word is locker) he will give
you a hint to help you enter the temple. This man is to the
right of the temple.

4. Crystal Ball
The sooth-sayer has an important message for you. Save your
game. Talk to sooth-sayer. Give the crystal ball to the
sooth-sayer (make sure you spell the action right or the ball
will simply be lost.) Talk again and the sooth-sayer will say
something different this time- something you need to know. If
the sooth-sayer says the same old thing, restore your old game,
and try again. Even if you get the too bad message, talk to
the sooth-sayer again and see if he tells you about escaping.

5. The password
Look in the locker at the baths. There’s a scroll in there that
has a password you need.

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