• Axis & Allied v.2004

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    Axis & Allied v.2004

    Cheat Codes:
    Submitted by: awang

    Start the game with the +console command line parameter. Press {ENTER}
    during game play, then type one of the following codes to activate the
    cheat function.

    Code Result
    rosieriveter – Eliminates build time for structures and units.
    isurrender – Instant defeat.
    veday – Instant win.
    fieldpromotion – Provide 100 experience points.
    fieldpromotion [1-5000] – Get indicated amount of experience points.
    swissbank[1-9999] – Provides 100 money.
    enigma – Removes fog of war.
    rocketarmy – Infantry shoots rockets.
    medic – All units have full health.
    crushers – Allied trucks get devastating rockets.
    god mode – Invincibility.
    killers – Kill enemies in one shot.
    bravery – No retreat.

    Rapid cheat repeat function.
    For the fieldpromotion code, which gives you 100 experience points, you
    can input a ; after the word and repeat the cheat. For example, enter
    You can continue this up to eight times per entry. So instead of 100 experience
    points, you will end up with 800 every time you press {ENTER}.
    Note: This should be possible with other codes as well.

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