Backyard Football

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Backyard Football

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: peter

As a coach name enter the following.

Name Result
superkid = special
kid moreplays = secretplays
superspeed = morespeed
sharpeye = improved passes
watatackle = improved takles

Play as Dummies:
To play as the practice dummies in the enter coach name name coach
MRCLANKY, you will have the Practice Dummies as your season team.

Avoid interceptions:
Throw the ball in front of your receiver. He/she will make a running
catch and the defense will not intercept.

Alligator story:
At the starting screen, you will see a book titled Meet The Players.
Click on it, then click on 'Lil Brett Farve. Click on his big photo
until he says, You ever seen an alligator up close?. He will then
tell you a funny story.

Skip opening sequence:
Press [Esc] to skip through the opening sequence.

Quit without losing:
If you are playing against someone over the net, and they are dominating
you, do this. Selecting Quit will automatically give them the win.
Instead, press {Ctrl} + {Alt} + [Delete] to bring up the Windows Close
Program window. Scroll down to Football and repeatedly click on End
Task and it will eventually close.

Avoiding defense:
When running on offense and defense is gaining, start
zigzagging diagonally.

Secret plays:
Use the play slices and throw short passes to your running back,
or even behind the line of scrimmage.

Pablo Sanchez speaks in English:
Select Cards, then choose Pablo Sanchez. #
Hold {Alt} and click him.

Re-do play:
Go to Time Out and go all the way to club house. This will save your
game. Then, go back and pick a play. If the opponents gets an interception
or something else bad, press [Space] before the other team gets tackled
then click on Restart.

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