Backyard Skateboarding 2004

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Backyard Skateboarding 2004

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

To enter these cheats your character needs to pull off a
100+ trick combo succesfully. (The best way to do this is
to go to the Boardwalk and grind a table near the Hot Dog
Stand, then press Space and B alternately and rapidly.)
Then, at the start of a level, during the flyby (Sunny and
Eric will be talking) type in any of these cheats to get
the effect. (Does not need to be capitalized) You can only
have ONE cheat activated at a time.

Code Effect
NOFAIR – All Cheats
KABOING – Higher Ollies
SLOWMO – Infinite Mollases Time (More Time in the Air)
DIZZY – Infinite Spin Cycle (Spin Around Faster)

Get higher on quater pipes or half pipes:
When you are in the air after you go off a quater pipe or half
pipe keep pressing the jump button and you will continue to
go up each time you press it.

Jump high:
Select a level. When it is loading press the jump button
continuously until loading is done. When it comes up to the
screen you will jump really high.

Unlocking Characters:
To unlock the characters, you need to be able to beat all
39 In-Game Challenges.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Eric Stream – Beat All 39 Challenges.
Old School Andy Macdonald – Beat the Final Challenge.
(Pro Challenge in Skate Station Alpha).

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