Backyard Soccer MLS Edition

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Backyard Soccer MLS Edition

Play against the Indoor Off The Wall Invitational teams:
Win the Indoor Off The Wall Invitational Tournament to
play against the Rug Burners, Carpet Sweepers,
Turf Mowers and Abominable Cherry-Pickers.

Play against other teams:
Get to the P Division to play against the
Ticklish Tornadoes, Salty Sea Cows,
Screaming Chihuahuas, Spiffy Penguins,
Lumpy Gravies, and all the MLS Teams.

Play against the International Tournament teams:
Win the International Tournament in The P
Division to play against all of the International
teams including the Fancy Pandas from China,
Garlic Gladiators from Rome, Funky Pharos from
Egypt and many more.

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