Bad Boys 2

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Bad Boys 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: davi

Unlimited Health:
Go to the main menu and type ARMOR. You will have unlimited health.

Unlock Everything:
Submitted by: conner54

On the press start screen (seen before the main menu press the following
key configuration in order). If the cheat is entered successfully you
should hear a gun shot.

Coverpoint (Space), Right (D), Right (D), Left (A), Left (A),
Change Weapon (Q) Unlock Everything

Note: PC in brackets are the default controls. If this doesn’t try it
with cursor keys for left and right.

Destroy Mendoza:
Submitted by: WAQAR ZEB

Terminate Mendoza with AK47 in ACT 05: Finishing Business. Move left and
right and use mostly iron body as a cover rather than sand bags. When
Mendozas gun pointed towards your partner to save him target Mendoza body
and start firing to reward his attention towards you.
Note: When your partner would be on left side you must be on right side
and vice versa.

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