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    4 Unique Endings:
    Actions taken during the last timed sequence of the game dictate which ending
    moving will get played. The last sequence commences after Roger the cockroach
    has visited his human body for the first time AND returned to the sewer pipes
    through the vent on the upper right corner of the wall covered with eyes.

    1. Worst Ending
    Simply run out of time (i.e. wait doing nothing for approx. ten minutes).

    2. Slightly Better Ending
    Roger has to save the landlord. As hinted by the oracle in the beginning of the
    timed sequence, his pill-induced stupor requires setting a fire-alarm off.
    The only working one is located in the bathroom.
    Climb on to the top of the urinal, continue further upwards to the top of the
    bulletin board, head right and up through the unpainted area.
    Test the fire-alarm by parking yourself over the test button. Climb down to the
    urinal, and push the flaming cigarette to the floor. Climb down and push to
    flaming end to the chain of paper towels. Wait for the time to run out.

    3. Arguably an Even Better Ending
    Roger has to save himself. Head back to your own room and find your human body
    on the floor. You will need to hitch a ride from the butterfly to get to the
    table before you can get down to the floor. Climb on top of the amulet.
    The end sequence commences immediately.

    4. Best Ending
    Roger has to save both the landlord and himself. First save the landlord as
    described in #2 above. Then (quickly for the clock is counting) find your way
    back to your own room as described in #3 above. The best ending begins once
    you crawl over the amulet.

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