• Banzai Bug

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    Banzai Bug

    Play as Various Insects:
    1. when you get into the first level, you can hit a
    switch behind a cabinet
    2. the muffler on the car opens up, and you can travel down it
    3. it takes a while, but you get in to a wide room
    4. inside, there are many different bugs you have never seen
    before, each aquipped with it’s own special powers
    5. you can play as a lady bug, a praying mantis, a beetle,
    a worm and a hornet
    6. you can pick any one of them by walking up to it

    Secret Bug Room:
    Find and press the switch behind the cabinet, on the first level.
    The muffler in the car opens up. If you get into it and you’ll find
    a secret room where you can change into other bugs.

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