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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

These are the bosses of the last levels of each scene:

Africa – Giant Snake
Tibet – Yeti
Egypt – Crocodile
Babylon – Venus Flytrap

This is a list of how to defeat all the bosses:

Snake (amazon forest) once you go through the maze of the snakes
body, when you get to the head, it will move. When the head moves
up go under it to grab the pendant.

Yeti (tibet) dodge all the rocks the yeti rolls at you. When you
reach the bridge, it will through the rocks at your head so you
must roll under them. Once you get near the yeti he will run away
and you can grab the pendant.

Aligator (egypt) jump over all the tiles trying not to fall while
the aligator chases you. Don’t let him catch you!

Venus Flytrap (babylon) go through all the mini flytraps untill you
reach the big one. He will spit seeds at you. Dodge them! Go on the
side of the flytrap and go through the door.

Kody do gier

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