• Barnyard

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    Cheat Codes:
    Submitted by: RM

    Easy coins:
    When Ben tells you to use the metal detector to locate the Gopher’s coins,
    go to the barnyard. On the right side of the farmer’s house you will see
    yellow flowers. Use the metal detector to find a group of coins. At night,
    go in and out of the party. Each time you use the metal detector on the
    side of the farmer’s house you will get more coins.

    Water leaks:
    In Chapter 8: When Miles tells you to find five water leaks, look in the
    dandelion meadow.

    Unlockable: Keys
    Complete these events to unlock keys:

    Sharp Squiter (Barnyard) – Barnyard Key
    Nine Holes Golf – Old Mill Key
    Chasing Chicks vs. Otis – Walnut Woods Key
    All 18 Golf – Grizzly Gulch Key
    Defeat All Coyotes and Dag – Junkyard Key

    Extra Cash:
    When you do the mission for Otis, you will get a metal detector. Go over
    to the farmer

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