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    Batman – Vengeance

    Cheat Codes:
    Submitted by: Satya Raju

    Bridge: Envelope B:
    Knock out the thug at the start of the level. You should see the glowing item
    on the left when you start. Climb the ladder and jump/glide around the crate
    onto the other crate. Then, glide onto the platform with the letter.

    Gasworks: Envelope E:
    You will reach a room with two levels, each floor with two goons on them.
    First, take out the goons. Then, look around on the lower floor until you
    see a sewer pipe with boxes in the sewage. Carefully glide down and land
    on the first box. Jump over the next few boxes and pick up the envelope
    with an E on it. Finish the game and the Infinite Health cheat will
    be unlocked.

    Plant Electrocution 2: Envelope C:
    You will start the Plant Electrocution 2 level by sliding down towards some
    holes in the ground. The second hole is not fatal. Fall into it and glide
    (to avoid minor damage). You will see a lit area. Glide down there and pick
    up the item you find inside. Use the grapnel to exit, jump out of the hole,
    and finish the slide. The item you picked up should be the key do the door
    right beside the vines behind the glass. Go inside and fight one of the
    Plant Men. You will find an envelope that has a C on it in the room.
    When you finish the game, you can activate this cheat for all weapons and
    unlimited ammunition.

    Rooftop Battle: Envelope A:
    When the clowns chase Mary, you will go up to the rooftops. Grapple hook up to
    her roof and beat up the white clown. Go up to the next roof, where you are on
    a little balcony. Jump across, then go in to see a thug run across a hall with
    the girl. Follow and he will jump off the roof. Follow, look down, and drop to
    lowest edge. Walk along to left until at the corner the grapple icon appears
    Grapple over, go in the door and pick up Envelope A.

    SWAT Chase: Envelope D:
    You will enter the elevator shaft. Ride the elevator all the way down until it
    stops. Get off the elevator and wait for it to rise again. After it rises, jump
    down to the bottom and use first person mode to find the control box. Use a
    Batarang to disable it and the door behind it will open. Stay clear of the
    elevator and wait for the correct time to get in the open room. Inside the
    room is Secret Key 2. Get out of the room and ride the elevator up to the
    top. At the top there is a door that is supposed to be locked. The key opens
    the door, and inside is an envelope with the letter D on it. Finish the game
    and the Infinite Special Move Bar cheat will be unlocked.

    Blimp puzzle:
    Look in your inventory and examine the disc Batman picked up before fighting
    Mr. Freeze. It will reveal possible colors that work with the Blimp puzzle.
    The combination is Purple and Green. Make the color purple, mix tubes, then
    make the color green.

    FunnyBones Warehouse lock:
    Instead of trying the 999 possibilities on the lock, look for figurines like
    the one in the room near your starting location. There is another one behind
    trucks and one outside the fence when you get on the roof of the building with
    the first figurine. The combination is 619 (from left to right).

    Defeating Mr. Freeze:
    Do not charge at him or you will be thrown and probably get frozen. Enter first-
    person mode and equip your demolition charges. Make sure Mr. Freeze is following
    you. Look up to find glass tanks moving on a hook. When he is under one, fire
    at it with your charges then detonate it so that it lands on him. Repeat this
    until you get a move where Batman grabs Mr. Freeze’s gun and freezes him to
    stop him from burning.

    Flash bombs:
    Press [Action] + [Guard] to use flash bombs. They cannot be selected in the
    gadget/first person view.

    To make Batman fly, press [Jump] then press B twice.

    Smoke bombs:
    In the level after the Batcave training, when you get to the area with a Joker
    thug, look around the big square. You will eventually find a ladder. Climb up
    the ladder, then look around for a box. Pick it up to get smoke bombs.

    Hacking into Issac Evers files:
    Find the second wire of the color you need (that is not powered). You need to
    make the powered wire reach the non-powered one. For example, if you work on
    blue, you need to connect the live blue wire to the dead one.

    Batman can find hidden envelopes throughout the game. The first one is on the
    Rooftop Battle level, the second is on the Bridge level, the third is on the Plant
    Electrocution 2 level, the fourth is on the Gasworks Level, and the fifth is on
    the SWAT Chase level. If find one, it will have a letter on it. They unlock
    infinite weapons, infinite charge bar, infinite health, double damage, and
    invisibility. They are awarded by the order found, and not the letter. For
    example, if you collect Envelope E furstm you will get infinite weapons instead
    of invisibility.

    Fast attacks:
    For knocking out thugs after the Joker’s death, you’ll have to be quick. Use your
    block as soon as your attack is over. One combo is to go back a few steps, then
    forward and punch, then quickly kick two times. This comes in handy to knock thugs
    out when they are blocking your attacks.

    To fly:
    Submitted by: Sakthi Ramnath

    Press end (jump)+b to fly but remember you cannot fight in air or increase the height.

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