• Battle Arena Toshinden 2

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    Battle Arena Toshinden 2

    Play as Master and Uranus:
    While the options are flying on to the Title screen, press
    this combination VERY QUICKLY for Player 1: R1, L2, WK, L1,
    R2, SK. You should hear a sound and the cursor turning blue
    to indicate that it worked.

    Play as Vermillion and Sho:
    Do the code above first, then repeat the process with this
    combination for Player 2: SK, R2, L1, WK, L2, R1. You should
    hear a sound, with the cursor turning from blue to red this

    The new fighters will appear in the Random box on the Character
    Select screen. Hold Taunt to slow down the character cycling.

    For an easier way to enable all fighters, edit this registry


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