• Battle Beast

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    Battle Beast

    Cheat Codes:
    Click on the newspaper ad for a Battle Beast. Type in YOYOYO
    when the options for the number of players appears to enable
    cheat mode. Then, type one of the following codes on the same

    Cheat Result
    ITIHFO – fight 3 rounds instead of just one
    ERHNE – fight all the characters instead of one
    AOFREOIO – Opens all bonus doors
    OFOVH – 2X in bonus rooms
    ERHYHRLY – Makes the Toadman Weaker (like you need this one)
    OAOAEIOA – Autofly Mode in lab
    EATEE – Morphing dissabled (Now lets see the ‚puter beat ya)
    OIVNNFOF – Tadpoles attacking in lab enabled
    EHRTRR – Autofly In bonus rooms enabled
    ORUFO – Bonus room invincibility
    RESET – Reset all codes

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