• Battle for Wesnoth

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    Battle for Wesnoth

    Cheat Codes:
    Submitted by: David K

    In a game (not network), Type a :. Then type debug,
    then Enter. Then type another :. Then type:

    Code Result
    :unit hitpoints=XXX – *changes Heath
    :unit moves=XXX – *changes Moves
    :unit experience=XXX – *changes Experience
    :create [XXX] – creates any unit
    :gold – Get gold
    :unit level=<number> – Set unit level

    *make sure mouse pointer is over chosen unit.
    XXX = number

    NB: moves can only be up to 99.


    Gold Cheat:
    Submitted by: sri

    Dude during game-play type a : followed by debug and press return key.
    Again type a :, followed by gold xxxxx where xxxx is a number ranging
    from 0 to 999999. You’ll get that amount og gold. Recruit a massive army
    and crush the enemies.

    Unit level Cheat:
    Submitted by: Alfie

    First type the : followed by ‚unit level=xxx’ the xxx been a number.
    e.g. :unit level=4 then press enter button.

    Win in 1 move!!:
    Submitted by: martin phillips

    Using the debug cheat you can create any unit anywhere on the field just right-click
    and select ‚create unit(debug!)’ and choose your unit this way you can kill enemy
    leaders before they can recruit you can also change a units side just right-click
    while over a unit and select ‚change unit side(debug!)’ and you can choose its side
    great for saving your units and leaders!

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