• Battle Raper II

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    Battle Raper II

    Submitted by: robert

    Unlock H-Mode Replay:
    Unlock H-mode (hentai mode) replays by completing Story Mode with a
    selected girl. Note this includes completing the sex scene with the
    selected girl until the credits are issued (do not quit to title or
    exit the game). H-replays are accessed in the Extras menu under Replay
    and are auto-saved to your profile when the credits are displayed.

    Unlock CG Images:
    Unlock the various CG still images in the Extras menu by completing
    Story Mode with all the girls. Note that the stage you select after
    fighting the first enemy determines which set of girls you unlock
    (that time). To unlock Setsuna Yagami’s CG (the ninja girl), you need
    to select the bottom option after playing either set of girls the first
    time (it is the first decision in Story Mode). The other girls are
    unlocked when you select them in the second decision window.

    Unlock More Costumes:
    You may unlock extra costumes and costume accessories by clearing the
    game at least once, then going into Free Mode battle and consistently
    win against a CPU opponent. Every 10 wins wear your own girl doesn’t get
    her clothes destroyed will award you an extra costume.

    Hint: Option Translation:
    Most of the menu is written in English, but some of the options are
    written in Japanese. The middle Japanese option in the Extra Mode allows
    you to edit a girl and then go into a scene (after you select a stage).
    The Japanese choice for Free Mode in the options menu is whether or not
    a sex scene will occur after a free mode bout (this is defaulted to OFF).

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