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Battlecruiser Millennium

I’ve provided cheat codes and tips:
Submitted by: jack6251

I needed to email you about the current cheats on your website regarding
Battlecruiser Millenium and Gold cheats. Whoever has given you these cheats
are wrong and so are many other cheat websites about this game.

The game is: Battlecruiser Millenium and Battlecruiser Millennium Gold for PC

There are many websites showing Battlecruiser Millenium cheats and Battlecruiser
Millenium Gold cheats which are wrong. They don’t clearly show how to apply the
cheat and make it work, however the shortcut keys do work to destroy craft etc
once the cheat is working, but if you try to follow what all the websites I’ve
found say, you won’t be able to get the cheat working because they’ve copied and
pasted information from other websites, which in themselves seem absolutely wrong.

To correctly apply the cheat in the Battlecruiser Millenium and Gold games, you
must right mouse click on the shortcut on desktop to open up the Properties menu.
In the Target line, you must include this at the very end of the wording,
-cheat not just cheat or cheats or cheats it has to be exactly cheat.

So the entire Target wording should appear as:

'C:\Program Files\DreamCatcher\3000AD\Battlecruiser Millennium Gold\bcm.exe’ -cheat

Copy and Paste this line to be sure into your Target line in the shortcut Properties.

Click Apply and OK to activate cheat mode, then begin the game normally.

Here is a list of what you could type at the end of the Target line:

-cheat : enables various cheats
-i : invincibility (cheat) mode
-j : ignore joystick rudder/twist axis and permit use of CTRL+J axis toggle
-n : disable intro animation
-w1 : window mode using resolution setting from BCCONFIG.INI
-w2 : window mode using desktop resolution
-lt : low terrain textures
-ng : disable terrain ground plane
-nm : disable terrain multitexturing
-nd1: disable terrain detail level 1 texturing
-nd2: disable terrain detail level 2 texturing
-x? : 3D sound processing. Where ? is one of the following:
-x0 : no 3d processing. All sounds are mono without distance attenuation
-x1 : no virtualization. Only basic positioning effects
-x2 : light HRTF*
-x3 : full HRTF*

Some websites for this cheat even have the slash mark signs going the wrong way and
is worded totally wrong.

Once the cheat is activated the following can be done in game:

ALT+X : Destroy any target at will. To use, target the object in the TACSCAN, press V
to view it in the CVD and press ALT+X to destroy it. Can also be done from F10 external
camera view. If you use this command without a valid target, you will destroy yourself!
Also, make sure you dont have any information about a friendly craft on your HUD or you
just might blow something up you didnt intend. To be sure, clear all targets first with
SHIFT + X before the new targeting of an enemy craft.

SHIFT+T : elapse 1 min of game time. Keep pressed for rapid time advancement.
It is possible to activate the tractor beam (T) by accident when using this command.

CTRL+SHIFT+T: same as above but elapses 10 mins of game time.

Speed Boost : If you have a speed factor set e.g. 1-9, you can gain a very large speed
boost by keeping the finger either on the afterburner (~) or retro-rockets (TAB) key.

Planetary Egress : O will allow you to leave the planet at any altitude with Shift + E
to land.

Switching from craft to craft can be achieved by clicking where it should now say CHEATS
in the top right hand corner of the screen and in the new drop down menu there will appear
all your craft you can switch to plus many other options.

HSD artifact : The artifact allows you to jump from region to region without ever having to
fly there and waste real life minutes waiting around. To use, look on the left side of the
HUD for the LOC text and left-click on it. This will activate a menu showing the systems and
regions. Select a desired destination and the ship will immediately be warped there.
This depends on the scenario youre playing, certain training missions will limit your options
while the campaign and Roam modes will open up all the galaxy for you to jump to.

Thanks for your time :)

Kody do gier

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