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    Cheat Codes:
    Submitted by: conner54

    Enter one of the following console commands on a server to activate
    the cheat functions.

    Result commands
    List map ID number, name, mode, and number of players – mapList.list
    Set path to _mapList.con file – mapList.configFile
    Reload _mapList.con file – mapList.load
    Save current map list to _mapList.con file –
    Show total number of maps in current map list – mapList.mapCount
    Show the map list ID number of current map – mapList.currentMap
    Clear current map list – mapList.clear
    Remove specified map from map list – mapList.remove [name]
    List players connected – admin.listPlayers
    End round and start next map on map list – admin.runNextLevel
    View map list ID number for current map – admin.currentLevel
    View map list ID number for the next map to be played – admin.nextLevel
    Restart current map – admin.restartMap
    Ban indicated player by ID; see below for timeout values – admin.banPlayer [id number] [timeout]
    Ban indicated player by CD key hash; see below for
    timeout values – admin.banPlayerKey [key hash] [timeout]
    Ban indicated player by IP address; see below for
    timeout values – admin.addAddressToBanList [ip address] [timeout]
    Ban CD key hash; see below for timeout value – admin.addKeyToBanList [key hash] [timeout]
    Remove indicated IP address from ban list – admin.removeAddressFromBanList [ip address]
    Remove indicated CD key hash from ban list – admin.removeKeyFromBanList [key hash]
    Clear all ban lists – admin.clearBanList
    List banned IP addresses – admin.listBannedAddresses
    List banned CD keys – admin.listBannedKeys
    Kick indicated player – admin.kickPlayer [ID number]

    Ban values:
    Use one of the following entries with the banning commands:
    Permanent ban – perm
    Until next map – round
    Number of seconds – [whole number]
    Epoch expiration date; seconds since 1/1/1970 – [whole number]

    Remote Console Access:

    To setup remote console access to the server:

    – On the server create a new plain text document in admin called default.cfg
    – Enter the following text into the new file:


    – Save the file, and start the server.
    Now you can access the server remotely by using the following commands from a client:

    – rcon login
    Use this command to login to the server.

    – rcon users
    This command lists all the users connected to the server. Very similar to admin.listPlayers

    – rcon exec
    Replace with a console command you would like to execute on the server.
    For example: rcon exec admin.kickPlayer 3

    All weapons:
    Use a text editor to edit the file in the pythonbf2stats folder.
    Change line 44 from defaultUnlocks = [0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0] to
    defaultUnlocks = [1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1].

    Faster game loading:
    Enter the \ea games\battlefield 2 demo\mods\bf2\movies folder and delete or
    move all of its files. There will now be no ads or movies at the start of the game.
    This can also speed up the menu because there will be no movie in background.
    This code can also be done in the demo version of the game.

    Submitted by: indra pede

    Play BF2 In a Window
    To play Battlefield 2 in a window, right click your Battlefield 2 shortcut.
    In the Target section, change + fullscreen 1 to + fullscreen 0 You will
    get a windowed version of the game.

    tay outside the map border forever!
    This glitch allows you to stay outside of the map forever, where you should
    normally hear the Where do you think you are going soldier… message.

    You can do this with a friend for example by making a squad together.
    What you do is this: The squadleader goes out into the red zone where you
    hear the previously mentioned message and you spawn in on him. You can stay
    outside the map forever. Have your friend die and leave the squad so you become
    squad leader and let him spawn in on you. Now the two of you can stay outside
    and never die from the out of bound penalty.
    (Only works on earlier patches)

    Easy scoring:
    Use a text editor to edit the in the folder:
    \ea games\battlefield 2\mods\bf2\python\game\
    In this file you will see score list for different events, which can be changed
    as desired. Be careful, as it also works for enemy soldiers.

    SCORE_KILL = 50

    The same thing can be done for the file in the
    ea games\battlefield 2\mods\bf2\python\game\gamemodes folder.


    First weapon unlock:
    To unlock your first weapon you must gain 1,000 global points on ranked servers.
    You will not gain any of the points you have earned in a server unless you play
    until the round is over (until the map changes or a team wins). When you have reached
    over 1,000 global points in your BFHQ window, quit the game and return for a special
    pop up window congratulating you on your new rank and a message stating that you can
    now unlock your first weapon. Be very cautious on which one you unlock, as you will
    not be able to change it afterwards. The next rank requires 10,000 global points.

    Engineers: Getting mines:
    Use your wrench to remove enemy and friendly mines to add them to your inventory.

    Saving the Medic:
    When in a squad, it is very important to have a Medic with you. However when that
    Medic dies, all is not lost. Go over to your downed Medic and pick up his kit.
    Then, revive him. He will now have your old kit, but at least your squad will still
    have a Medic.

    Rename your soldier:
    To rename your soldier, which the game by default does not allow you to do, you must
    edit the file \Battlefield 2\Profiles\0001\Profile.con and change the first value,
    in the quotes, to whatever you wish your soldier’s name to be. For example,
    LocalProfile.setName defaultPlayer
    LocalProfile.setName ”<your new name>”

    Semi-invincible helicopter:
    On any map that has the Blackhawk (personnel with two guns) helicopter, form a squad
    that can have a medic as the pilot, two support as the gunners (to reload), and two
    engineers in the back dropping mines and repairing when the helicopter takes damage.
    The helicopter will become an almost invincible flying fortress of death. This is an
    easy way to get basic badges (Healing, Resupply, Piloting, Repair, etc.). Also, if
    the helicopter is about to explode, you can also bail and parachute for your Airborne
    badge. BF2 core tester Redwood Shores.

    Karkand roof access:
    On a server playing Karkand with Friendly Fire off, play as the Spec Ops kit. Walk
    over to the large building overlooking the train accident flag. Place all five of
    your C4 charges on the ground about ten feet from the building and run over onto
    them. When you are about one foot past the charges, detonate them while still
    running. This should give you enough momentum to launch yourself onto the roof. From
    the roof, find the slightly raised roof access door and get into a prone position.
    You should pass under the slightly elevated ground and be able to fire on the train
    accident flag without the enemy being able to see you.

    No Reload For the USS Carrier AA Gun:
    When playing on a map with the USS Carrier, drop at least one Supply Box near the
    USS Carrier AA Gun (Anti-Aircraft). This will give you no reload time for the Stinger.
    Note: More than one Supply Box will make the ammunition regenerate faster.

    Easy points:
    When you have a certain amount of points on the game, keep getting more. When the
    end of a round is near, switch to the winning team and your score will be doubled.

    Protect your tank:
    Spawn as a sniper and find a tank. Lay claymores on each corner of the tank facing out.
    Jump in your tank and drive around. If any Special Ops guy tries to lay C4 he’ll be
    taken out before he even gets to you. Same from enemy vehicles. When the claymores
    explode they won’t damage your tank either.

    Enter building:
    In the Allied Intent Extended mod, there is a map called The Push Day. In this map,
    follow the left side of the course if you are on the Mec squad side or the right side
    if you are the Chinese. You will reach what appears to be an apartment complex. There
    will be several balconies. Use your rope to rappel to the third story. When you get
    to the end of the rope you will always fall. If you approached this building from the
    Mec side it will be the first column of balconies that you need to rappel into. When
    you fall, press [Forward]. You will hit the first floor and can parachute inside the
    building. You are now impervious to bullets and artillery, while you can still shoot
    out and kill people. Do not walk out of the building’s frame or you will have to redo

    Jet flip:
    If u hop in the jet on the carrier that points off the edge(not the one that goes
    down the runway) then u hold down full power and push mouse forward heaps to pitch
    nose down as if u want to drive into the ground. then keep pushing mouse up quickly,
    ur front wheel will make u spin around under the platform u were just on upsidedown.
    keep pushing mouse and u will spin around on the spot underneath platform till ur the
    right way up again and u jet off frum underneath whar u shud have been.
    Warning: Dangerous manuver; may result in falling into sea or blowing up, great 4
    showing off in multiplayer but practice in single player first cause it sucks to
    crash jet in multiplayer.

    Sweet arobatics:
    First git a plane, any plane. then fly near the center of the map and go straight up
    (boost helps). Slow down when ur realy high (not to high or ull die)watch ur hight
    meter or go on the fly-by view. when u stop just before u fall back hit the eject key
    (default ‚E’) and u will fall, use the mouse to steer urself around in the air, look
    around for ur plane and fall near it. dont run into it or ull die, when ur dun flying
    around fly over close to ur plane and press ‚E’ or whatever to get in and fly off.
    Dont get carried away tho cus the ground cums up fast and ur engines need time to
    start up(they turn off when u hop out). Also when u get low enuf then u start falling
    faster than ur plane. Note: If u had a friend who cud do this as well u cud try
    switching planes in the air.

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