Battlefield 2 – Special Forces

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Battlefield 2 – Special Forces

Cheat Codes:
Press ~ to display the console window. Then, enter one of the following
console commands on a server to activate the corresponding cheat

Effect Code
Exit game – exit
Quit game – quit

Drive a forklift:
Submitted by. Haspa

On the Night Flight level in multi-player mode, when you start on
the helipad, there is a flag directly south of you. Enter one of
the warehouses just south and very near the flag. Inside is a forklift
that you can drive around.

Easy escape:
Use the following trick to easily escape or get over barriers fast. You
must have the grappling hook. If you find yourself outnumbered or on low
health and need to get out of an area quickly, run and find a corrugated
steel wall or any other high barrier. Throw the hook over the top. Climb
over and the game will instantly transport you to the other side. As you
run away, press G to gather up the hook and delay the pursuers greatly.
The majority of times, the enemy will just give up chasing you.

Unlockable weapons:
(Ver. 1.12) As you know you may purchse unlockable weapons in special
forces for use in core Battlefield2. However you need not own special
forces in order to use these weapons in the core game. Simply log onto
a friends account from the special forces log in screen, play 1 round
of any map that was included in special forces, then logout of that
acount and log back in, you will then be able to choose 1 if not several
unlocks from the selection screen, though to unlock the special forces
kits you must have already unlocked the previously unlockable one,
(for instance, you cant unlock the scar-l for the spec-ops kit if you
havent unlocked the g36c). After choosing your special forces unlocks,
you can then log unto any computer with BF2 on it, and use your special
forces unlocks in the Core: BF2 game with out having to buy special

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