Battlefield – Bad Company

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Battlefield – Bad Company

Highest Point of the Game Achievement:
Submitted by: RM

If you want to unlock the achievement that asks you to climb to
the highest point of the whole game, just try this:

In the mission where your helicopter crashes to the ground, you’re
on your own. Your company mates are taken prisoner. At the end of
the mission, you’ll find them back in the tower of a church on the
highest mountain. Simply climb this tower to the top (just use the
stairs, yes it really is this easy) and there you go!

Best Bolt Action Sniper:
When choosing a sniper rifle for long range don’t choose the M95. It
is slower then the Gol M24 and the other rifles. If you’re a good
sniper you’ll get a headshot, so the gun’s power doesn’t matter –
only speed and accuracy.
p.s. If the target is at full health a shot in the stomach won’t kill
them no matter what sniper you use. If they’re damaged, Then a Gol
and ect. will finish them off.

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