Battleground 5 – Antietam

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Battleground 5 – Antietam

* Be sure to keep brigades and their commanders close together. Units fight
better when they are next to their own brigade, and brigade commanders
have a positive effect on units in the surrounding hexes. This becomes
especiall yimportant during melee and when checking morale against
disruption and rout.

* Surround enemy units to destroy and/or capture them. As in most war games,
units have a zone of control (ZOC). Opposing units must stop upon entering
a ZOC, and units with a failing-morale check cannot retreat from a ZOC.
Once caught in the ZOC, these units are trapped like roaches in a Roach
Motel. This is an easy way to inflict lots of casualties without causing
extensive damage to your own units.

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