• Battleground 7 – Bull Run

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    Battleground 7 – Bull Run

    When first learning the game, try a short scenario with a
    small map. These games can usually be completed in a few
    hours and won’t overwhelm a new player with lots of units
    to control. Try the Blackburn’s Ford scenario from 1st Bull
    Run as the Confederate player.

    Use artillery units with support from infantry to help take
    well-defended positions. Artillery at short range is deadly.
    It can cause three to four times the damage of regular small-
    arms fire and can quickly blow holes in enemy lines even
    against the best defenses.

    When playing against the computer, remember that sometimes
    the hint of an attack will be enough to send its units
    scrambling for cover.

    Be sure to keep brigades and their commanders close together.

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