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Secret Pit:
go to battleon near yuglars shop near valicena like 1 inch there a pit
in the ground go down if you wanna fight dark monsters

How to get gekko armor:
first u have to go in the rip in the sky then click on the gekko on the
tree 3 times then it will eat you then click on the skelleton guy then put
read book then go to the bottom right and this thing willcome then open the
left drawr and you will see a gecko click on the gecko then you will meat this
guy named pai beat his mini game and then you will get a code number then go
and put quit and you will go back to the drawr and on the bottom enter the
code they gave you and then on the top on the top you have to enter pai’s
last name his last name is gekkonidae then the right drawr will open and
you will see a feather get the feather and then tickle left spot with the
feather alot of times until the gekko says stop tickling me then he will
spit you out then keep on clicking more then put shop and then go to armors
and get the gekko armor for 1000 gold but you must be level 10 or up

Easy money:
First go to the rip in the sky got in the do were there is a desk click on
it go in it the click the scoll the is by the smoke and shoot but don’t att
him and you get free money

easy steps to get a good weapon:
Go to rip in the sky. then click on the left bit over there….u should find it.
Then click on the right and press enter. then click on ladder. the ladder will
go to the top. press enter. then u meet this guy. press more until it says yes
and yes. u will get a weapon called plunger. 5 to 21 damge but has 10 bonus.
Good for noobs. but is a temporary item and will disapear after a while. when
it does go do the wholke thing all over again.

How to get a pet wolf:
click travel map. Then click on darkovia forest. Then click on werewolflair.
Then look to the left of the werewolf king then u will see a wolf, click on
the wolf and it wil say, YES! take the cool pet, then click on it.
But when u log out u wil have to do the same thing again.

Really REALLY good earth attack:
First buy the earth power armour,then go to Warloc’s shop and buy the Earth
rage spell.(lv 50) When you wear the earth power armour,your earth rage spell
doubles,giving you from 10-54damage!
Earth rage spell does two attacks in one,so you could get 108 damage in total!

How to own carnax battles:
To kill carnax easy,u need to be a guardian and a lvl 9 necromancer.
you should have the ability undead mutant. when ur about to battle carnax there
would be a treasure chest next to the carnax battle screen,open it and u will
get a temporary carnax blade this does chaos damage to carnax.Next battle carnax
and use undead mutant on him it would most likely do 60-150 damage and because of
undead mutant u will do 6 hits.
it would be realy easy to beat him,plus u get easy xp and cash,how about that.

Get more than 10hp pots:
1st u must go to the pet shop n buy a spell called salad shooter. Then go talk to
artix click 'heard any rumors?’then click on hunt the seed spliter. Then just keep
using the spell n it will give u hp pots.then just keep repeating it.i got 4 hppots
the 1st time though

Werepyre armor:
First u need to go 2 Darkovia. When it shows the map click on the secret and it will
take u to a deserted building. Kill the mechazombie and droag outside before u can
enter. When u get inside wolfwing will. apear. Hell attack u sooner or later so make
sure u have over 200 hp. After he attacks u tell him u want to become a werepyre.
Hell make u one and u can buy the armor for 2000 coins. Ull then have half vampire
half werewolf armor!


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