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Infinite Money:
You can edit the cost of a cheap item, say a Small laser, sell it,
then edit the cost back down.
* Browse to the following folder:
* YourSteamInstallationFoldersteamappscommon
* BATTLETECHBattleTech_DataStreamingAssetsdataweapon
* Open the “Weapon_Laser_SmallLaser_0-STOCK.json” file with a text editor,
find the: “Cost” : 20000,
* Entry and change it to a high number, such as making it 10 million, which
would get you 1 million C-Bills per sale back in the shop.
* Remember to change it back later and always back up any files you edit
just in case!

Gameplay Tips:
* Critical hits are two-stage – the first crit damages the weapon and makes
it less accurate, the second destroys it. Orange for damaged, red for destroyed.
* You never, never, EVER put ammo in the CT (Center Torso). A crit blowing up your
ammo will destroy the location the ammo is stored in. If this is an arm, a leg
or a side torso, your mech lives on. If the ammo blows in your CT, your mech is
* Lighter mechs get to move first so use Initiative to your advantage.
Reserve while safe then shoot when he gets to move last. You can then move back
into a safe spot.
* Multi-target and Breaching Shot – if you attack three targets with only one
weapon each, Breaching Shot will trigger for each attack.
* Use Missiles first to remove Evasion as they’re more likely to do actual damage
thanks to each Missile having an individual roll.
* Vehicles will die if any one section loses its structure.
* Mechs will die if: both legs are taken out, head, or the CT.
* The main character can’t die.
* If a friendly pilot is incapacitated the chances of death are as follows:
90% – (Guts * 5%) or if the cockpit is destroyed 140% – (Guts * 5%).
* Focus fire. As the enemy mechs are identified, look at their loadouts, their
armour placement, their ammo placement. What is their optimal range, can you
exploit that somehow? Identify the greatest threat and eliminate it. Also worth
shooting at the ammo locations as you get more BANG for your buck.
Once incapacitated, move onto the next biggest threat.
* Knocking mechs down gives you automatic called shots (unless you multi-target)
which provides same a similar effect as Precise Shot without using morale/
knocking the enemy down an initiative phase. Knock-downed mechs always land
on their backs. Combine this with a manoeuvre to get a side shot to focus
fire into the section you desire to be, no more.
* Remember this isn’t X-Com! The game play is a lot different and you will need
to use many different tactics for the situation.

Tips & Tricks:
Focus Fire – The more of your Mechs that can range and fire on a single enemy unit,
the quicker you are likely to take it and its Weapon Systems out of the Match. The
use of terrain is essential to both maximizing your ability to Focus your fire a
gainst enemy Mechs while at the same time limiting your opponents opportunities to
Focus Fire against your most vulnerable/damaged Mechs.

Target enemies which have already activated this round to ensure maximum opportunity
for Stability Damage (possibly even achieving a Knockdown) before the enemy has an
opportunity to activate that Mech and lessen/eliminate its Stability Damage. The same
principle applies to removing evasive pips.

Crit Seeking – The sequencing of attacks can pay high tactical dividends. High Damage
Attacks can punch holes in Enemy Armor, permitting low damage, multiple hit location
attacks from Support Weapons and Missiles to then “Crit Seek.” Crit Seeking is made
possible by attacks that damage Internal Structure.The first successful Crit damages
the component, while a second successful Crit destroys the component. Machine Guns
are especially effective since they roll 5 separate locations and have a bonus to
crit chance.

Line of Sight – Use Line of Sight to your advantage. If you use terrain and other
obstacles to block LOS to your units, you restrict the enemy’s options. If they don’t
have LRMs, they won’t be able to shoot at you. If they do have LRMs, they will be able
to use Indirect Fire to target you at a penalty. A popular tactic is to use Sensor
Lock to reveal a unit, and then use your long range units to engage before the enemy
can see you.

Defensive Positioning – Offer your front to the enemy until one side is more damaged
than the other. Then turn the other cheek and show your undamaged side to him.
Alternately a Mech can be built with no weapons or components in an Arm or an Arm/
Torso-Side. From the very beginning of the match this side can be presented toward
the Enemy, soaking Damage and serving effectively as a Shield. Whenever employing
Defensive Positioning, care must be shown toward that side’s Leg or risk its loss.
Also be mindful of quicker enemies that may be able to move fast enough to get a
rear shot.

Wingman / Mutual Support – Try to position your Mechs so their Rear Armor can’t be
exploited. And if your opponent does maneuver to achieve Rear shots, try to make
them pay for it as they have likely overextended their own lines and are themselves
vulnerable to Melee or Ranged Attacks.

Lance Composition – Take advantage of useful Combat Roles when choosing Mechs for
your Lance. A fast Light Scout Mech can permit you to make the most of Indirect
Fires from any LRMs your remaining three Mechs may carry. A dedicated LRM Mech may
permit you to sacrifice some Armor or other Weapon Systems from this Mech with the
understanding it would need to be safeguarded while in combat. A Brawler Mech may
max out its Armor and focus on short range weapons (AC20, SRMs, etc) in order to
Tank and deal as much damage as possible.

A Scout, 2 Brawlers and a dedicated LRM Mech can make for a very well rounded Lance
Composition. Alternately, risk can be assumed and all 4 Mechs may be of a single type,
for example four Brawling Hunchback-4G’s (AC/20) with the player looking toward
Sprint and Brace to best close the distance to Enemy Mechs before pummeling them to
scrap. Of course, if the Enemy manages to keep out of AC/20 range, it is going to be
a lost effort.

Location, Location, Location – While planning to move, you can see your hit chances
before confirming your move’s facing by mousing over enemies. Sometimes even moving
a single dot closer to or further away (and out of Minimum Range) from a target can
bring a significant amount of firepower to bare. Taking the time to plan for the best
Move/Fire combination can realize decisive tactical advantage.

Tips In the Battlefield:
1.Focus Fire on a single enemy mech.
2.If you will most certainly miss or are too far, don’t waste your turn with a
single LRM5 attack, sprint or jump to get to a better position first.
3.If you’re at a good spot and have Bulwark. Don’t move then attack, just stay put.
4.Reserve will keep your defensive buffs from the previous turn, if you have 6
Evasion Charges or you braced last turn, it’s better to let your enemy move first.
5.Covers are your friends, always try to get to them then stay put. Cover + Bulwark
will make your mech shrug off most attacks. Especially if you jumped to cover then

Contract Tracking:
Written by Trooper-N1004307

This is a list of contracts undertaken and the enemy forces involved.

Battle – 2 skulls – 4 heavy tanks + 4 med mechs
Recovery – 2.5 skulls – 1 med mech + 3 heavy mechs
Recovery – 1.5 skulls – 1 heavy mech + 1 heavy tank
Assassinate – 2 skulls – 2 light mechs + 1 med mech + 1 heavy mech + 1 light
tank + 1 med tank
Escort – 1.5 skulls – 3 light mechs + 1 light tank + 3 med mechs

Capture Base – 1.5 skulls – 8 light mechs
Recovery – 1.5 skulls – 3 light mechs + 3 med tanks + 1 heavy tank
Ambush Convoy – 2 skulls – 3 med mechs + 4 med tanks (apcs)
Capture Base – 1.5 skulls – 4 turrets + 3 med mechs
Recovery – 2 skulls – 1 med mech + 2 heavy mechs
Recovery – 2.5 skulls – 1 med mech + 3 heavy mechs

Assassinate – 2.5 skulls – 1 light mech + 3 heavy mechs
Escort – 1.5 skulls – 4 light mechs + 2 med tanks + 2 med mechs
Defense – 1.5 skulls – 9 light mechs + 2 med tanks

Recovery – 2 skulls – 6 light mechs + 2 med tanks
Recovery – 2.5 skulls – 2 med mechs + 1 heavy tank + 1 assault tank
Battle – 2.5 skulls – 2 med mechs + 2 heavy mechs (no reinforcements)
Recovery – 3.5 skulls – 2 heavy mechs + 2 assault mechs

Tips in Company Management:
*Invest in Training Pods and Pilots early on. Your pilots will be inevitably injured.
If you have pilots with high enough guts, they will survive sometimes but will be out
of commision for 60-90 days at worst. If you need a reserve pilot, they should have
Bulwark at the least. Training Pods will give enough experience to get at least 2 of
the Basic Skills without needing to take them out in missions. You should at least
hire 4 spare pilots and only use the XP to level their skills when the need arises.

*When negotiating, Always get 3 Priority Salvage slots. Meeting a King Crab or Atlas
with max Cbills and no Priority Salvage is the most frustrating thing you can experience.

* Keep spare mechs mission ready if you can. Preferably Mediums. Mediums are still
viable at 4 Skull missions and can be used to supplement your lance if you find your
some of your Heavier mechs under repair. Another thing is that Escort missions will
most likely need mechs with significant sprint distance to keep up, you will need 1-2
mechs to get ahead to draw fire and keep the enemy from focusing the escortee.

Editing lots of things:
Well, this is not a cheat proper but it helps. Thing is you can edit some of the stats
in game easily enough. You have to go to your installed game and enter in
BattleTech_DataStreamingAssetsdata (in my case the complete path is
x:GOG GamesBATTLETECHBattleTech_DataStreamingAssetsdatapilot but dunno if this
can be different in some cases). Inside that last data directory you can see a lot
of archives named .json. Well, you can open any of them just using texteditor
(notepad works) and modify anything there.

For example, if you open „pilots.json” you can change the initial xp of your first
pilots (Glitch,Medusa,Dekker and Behemoth), or even Kamea (although I don´t
recommend mess with Kamea, or npcs or generic).

In the same line you can get a ton of money. Just, in game, buy as much smalllasers
as you can, save, exit game, come to
x:GOG GamesBATTLETECHBattleTech_DataStreamingAssetsdata and now in weapons you
may change the smalllaser value for 1000000cb and once you go back to game you can
sell them for about 1000000 each.

You can mess with other things in this data directory. I for example changed armour
values for vehicles, lowering them so you can oneshot them no matter the heavy they
are. Same for turrets. You can change the Mech stats too but remember, any change
you do to one type of Mech, your enemies will have them too. For example if you
change Medium lasers in one for +++ versions in a Spider, every Spider you face
will have those lasers, so be careful.

As I said, feel free to make experiments. And of course and very important, save
copies of any .json archive before changing it.

Kody do gier

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