• Battletech – The Crescent Hawks Inception

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    Battletech – The Crescent Hawk’s Inception

    Free C-bills:
    While still training (before the training center is destroyed), you
    will notice that you will receive money (allowance, paycheck,# bribe,
    etc.) 15 C-bills at a time. Just select a spot in the training center
    and wait for about an hour. You should have at least 500 C-bills.
    Note that this only works on some locations on the map. Each location
    varies by version number, does not work when paused, and will not
    work after the training center is attacked.

    Should you have problems finding that magical spot in the training
    center, there is another way to get lots of cash. First, after every
    training mission, hang around until the money stops appearing. Then,
    put it into the ComStar stocks of Defiance Industries, better known
    as DefHes. This stock will steadily increase as time passes. If you
    are careful, you should be able to buy tech training in the MechitLube,
    all the weapons courses in the Citadel, a flak suit and a mech weapon
    of your choice. Then, leave whatever money you have in the stock.

    Should you make it to the Spaceport, hide behind the ComStar building
    for a few hours, and presto, instant cash. It may take a little longer,
    but it is well worth it. Try leaving the game running overnight
    to get up to 1.4 Million C-Bills.

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