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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlockables – Unlock Extra Costumes:
Purchase at Gates of Hell.

d’Arc – Couture Bullet (d’Arc) for 100 Halos.
Nun – Couture Bullet (Nun) for 100 Halos.
Old – Couture Bullet (Old) for 100 Halos.
Queen – Couture Bullet (Queen) for 100 Halos.
Umbra – Couture Bullet (Umbra) for 100 Halos.
P.E. Uniform – Couture Bullet (P.E. Uniform) for 100 Halos.
Umbran Komachi – Purchase Super Mirror for 100 Halos.

Unlock Accessories:
Bangle of Time – Complete the game under three hours on Normal or above.
Climax Bracelet – Get 101 Umbran Tears of Blood.
Eternal Testimony – Get 50 Umbran Tears of Blood.
Immortal Marionette – Clear Very Easy or Easy mode.

Unlockable Weapons:
Bazillions – Clear Hard Mode.
Handguns – Clear Normal Mode.
Pillow Talk – Clear Non-Stop Climax Mode.
Rodin – Purchase the Platinum Ticket and beat Father Rodin.
Sai-fon – Clear 100 chapters on normal or above.

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