• Beach Life

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    Beach Life

    Cheat Codes:
    Update by: Gareth Homewood
    Submitted by: nightraider

    Enter the following codes while playing:

    Code Result
    costadeldosh – Unlimited money
    quickquickquick! – Fast building
    allbuildings – All buildings
    {Shift}+{Alt}+$ – Extra $5,000
    {Shift}+{Alt}+[F10] – All mission levels
    {Shift}+{Alt}+[F9] – All sandbox levels

    You can also press hold {Shift}+{Alt} and type
    allbuildings at the main menu to unlock all
    mission and sandbox levels.

    Extra money:
    While playing a game, hold {Shift} + {Alt} and keep pressing $.

    change money
    edit S301_???.SAV
    go sector 30 offset 271 – 272
    change to 0F 27

    No sharks:
    Hold {Shift} + {Alt} and type goawaysharks at the main menu.

    All mission and sandbox levels:
    Hold {Shift} + {Alt} and type allbuildings at the main menu.

    In order to pass the level of girl, girl, girl it is necessary
    to place 2 or 3 bars with the beer.

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