• Beam Breakers

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    Beam Breakers

    Cheat Codes:
    Submitted by: RM

    Use a text editor to edit the config.ini file in the game
    folder. Locate the [Settings] section and edit the following
    lines so they appear:


    The following codes may now be used during game play.

    Result Code
    No damage – {Ctrl} + {Alt} + G
    Unlimited turbo – {Ctrl} + {Alt} + O
    Win mission – {Ctrl} + T
    Lose mission – {Ctrl} + W
    Reset all help messages – {Ctrl} + {Alt} + M
    Reset all collector boxes – {Ctrl} + {Alt} + C
    Set enemy speed – {Ctrl} + {Alt} + E
    Damage multiplier – {Ctrl} + {Alt} + D

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