Beetle Buggin

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Beetle Buggin’

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Enter one of the following player names to activate the cheat function.
Note: If you create a new player with the name you wish, and then input
one of the codes, it will work with the new player. You must only save
the results prior to leaving the game. All entries must be in lowercase.

Result Code
All tracks unlocked -xpiral
$999,999 to start a new game -pelas
Press [F8] for screen shot -screen
Moon track -luna
Wireframe graphics -wireframe
View selected FMV sequence -video<1-4>
View frame rate -fps

Crash other cars:
Press {Alt} + {Tab} to switch back to the Windows desktop
during game play. All cars in view, including your own,
will go out of control. Wait several seconds, then press
{Alt} + {Tab} to return to the game. All other cars should
still be out of control, while you can regain control.

For Jump events, hit Nitro as early as you can to get
the highest speed by the time you leave the ramp.

Map separate controls for accelerating and breaking so
you can press both at the same time.

When taking sharp turns in the Cross events, you can
bounce off the inside side of your opponents’ cars
to help whip around the turn and slow them down.

Kody do gier

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