Beetle Cup Crazy

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Beetle Cup Crazy

When you are in a race, if you switch to Windows (ALT+TAB)
all the cars in sight went crazy (yours too because it is
not controlled).
You can wait 4-5 seconds and switch back to the game.
Now you can see all the cars IN SIGHT going mad (hit into
the walls, go back, etc.).
If you have problems pass to another phase, do that and
everything will fix-up.

Crash other cars:
Press {Alt} + {Tab} to switch back to the Windows
desktop during game play. All cars in view, including
your own, will go out of control.
Wait several seconds, then press {Alt} + {Tab} to
return to the game. All other cars should still be
out of control, while you can regain control.

Submitted by: Jens Lohse

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