Beneath a Steel Sky

Beneath a Steel Sky

I haven’t played this for a long time, but to
untangle the robot you need a rench of somesort.

Go through the door and tie the red cable to the
railing. Go down the ladder and swing on the rope
into the door (presuming you have droppend the meat
into linc). Once you are in there when you wait for
a while Ken will come in. When he asks you if he can
help tell him to sit in the chair. Sitback and watch
the endgame sequence. P.S. Linc has rejected me!:)

When your robot gets stuck on the hand panel keep
going because you don’t need him from here on in.

Level passwords:
Enter the following passwords in the D-Linc Cyberspace.

Level Password
Amritah Cola Company – 704723
Anchor Insurance – 500228
Beaudin Beauty Salon – 293852
Beginning – 000000