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    Beyond Divinity

    Submitted by: conner54

    Duplicate Items rating:
    You can duplicate items and money the same way as you can in Divine Divinity.
    Select the item from your inventory drag across to plane as you drop the item
    you press Ctrl+L (Quick Load) the same time the item is falling. This may take
    some practice to get use too!

    Instant Battlefields:
    Once you have located one or more of the battlefield keys during the first act
    you must add them to your inventory – to do this you will need to drag and drop
    the key into your inventory. These keys will stay with your character throughout
    each act. When entering a new act simply click on each key to activate it and
    the battlefields will become available – there is no need to locate the keys
    specific to each act.

    Start game with stronger character:
    The first Act of Beyond Divinity, even on the easier settings, can be a
    frustrating chore because your characters are so weak and the opposition
    is much tougher. This cheat can help you start with stronger characters and
    avoid prolonged and epic battles with lowly Level 2 skeletons.

    To start a game with a stronger character open the Beyond Divinity folder
    on your hard drive, open the Common folder, and double click on the
    CharSelStats.dat file. You’ll be promoted to select a program to use to
    open the file; select NotePad. [Be sure to either back up this file, or
    write down the default attributes, before changing any text !]

    Using NotePad, change the attribute numerals for each character class
    (Warrior, Wizard, or Survivor, whichever one applies to the character
    you intend to use)to higher values. For example, if you intend to play
    as a wizard, starting with a level 9 Intelligence is helpful; for a warrior,
    upping the Strength or Agility attribute to 10 or greater will allow you to
    promptly use some of the early-game armor and weapons, rather than selling
    them or lugging them in your inventory.
    When you’re finished, Save the changes and start a new game.

    Charms can be used to add enhancements to armor and weapons IF the item has a
    Charm Quality in its description. These round charms can be found or bought
    from merchants. You must equip the item to add a charm to it. CAUTION: Once a
    charm is added, it cannot be removed! Choose wisely. Right click on the item
    and click on Item Main Menu to access the charm section. (You may need to
    move your inventory window to see the new block that appears.)
    The charms are only identified by a 2 syllable name (URU-ICERI, for example).
    The below explains the meaning of those names.

    The first part of the word signifies the strength as does the color of the charm.
    From the weakest to the strongest, the colors:

    Green (URU)
    Blue (SER)
    Red (MIN)
    Silver (PAG)
    Gold (YIT)

    The second part of the word represents which attribute will be boosted, as does
    the ornate symbol drawn upon it:

    ICERI – Mana
    ISOS – Durability
    JOPH – Agility
    KOOR – Intelligence
    OOK – Regeneration
    UMN – Vitality
    USTR – Evasion
    VORR – Constitution
    YDRA – Strength
    ZAND – Survival

    Thus the example URU-ICERI will provide the weakest Mana boost to the item it is
    attached to. For the charm to work, the item must be equipped. It doesn’t work
    just sitting in inventory.

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