Big Red Racing

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Big Red Racing

Hidden Tracks:
U.S.A.: Use the boat with the big propeller. Go off-road to the left.
Some of the hills are tough to get up, but at some parts of the track,
the hills are very small. If you get up you’ll find many awesome jumps,
a few gorges, and a lot of ways to get flipped over.

Japan: Use any vehicle. Go off road to the left again. Or if it’s too
much trouble, at the first Gate jump, follow the water to the left.
You’ll find a Gate jump surrounded in slippery water. To top it off,
the track’s surrounded by incredible jumps.

If you want to play bigred racing using any vehicle on
any track you want all you have to do is type this from
the bigred dir.
racing -car car1 -car car2
replace car 1 and car 2 with the choice of car you want.
The names of the cars are listed in the bigred directory.
example: the semitruck is called truck.vhc.
All cars have the .vhc after them.
Here is an example if you wanted to play using the truck.vhc
and the min.vhc as your cars:

racing -car truck -car mini – you dont put the .vhc in the line.

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