• Big Scale Racing

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    Big Scale Racing

    Cheat Codes:
    Submitted by: conner54

    During gameplay or at menu enter following cheats followed by enter:

    Code Result
    lazybastard – Unlock All Cars
    easywayout – Unlock Next Cup
    gimmepoints – Get More Points
    overnow – Get Time Is Up Message
    framerate – Show Framerate
    pacman – Toggle Positional Dot-Style
    morecars – Allows picking 10 opponents in quick races
    scareme – Get Monster truck class
    dizzy – Change angle of main menu point of view
    jumparound – Jump
    classscareme – Monster Truck
    unlockedeasywayou – Next Cup
    expiredovernow – Time

    Track secrets:
    Select practice mode and choose a fast car. Jump over the fence in the
    De Sluis track. Drive around to find three skate ramps. Search again and
    you will find two brown half-pipes. One of them has a open door behind to
    an arcade. Stand in the corner, drive in front and stop. A game will appear.
    When you get a game over, you can quit by pressing [Reverse].

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