Black Closet

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Cheat Codes:

Black Closet Console Commands:
While playing, press [Shift]+[O] (the letter) to open up the consol You can
then enter commands to change stats in the gam Codes are entered as Command
= Valu To change the value of a Minion’s stats, you need to enter their name
followed by an underscore, then a period and the value being change
For example: Vonnesocial = number The Minion stats are Social, Intimidation,
Observation, Stealth and Loyalt

ResultCheat Code
Set Council Karma – karma = [number]
Set School Reputation – reputation = [number]
Set Intimidation stat for minion – [minion name]intimidation = [number]
Set Loyalty stat for minion – [minion name]loyalty = [number]
Set Observation stat for minion – [minion name]observation = [number]
Set Social stat for minion – [minion name]social = [number]
Set Stealth stat for minion – [minion name]stealth = [number]
Set training points for Minions – traininroom_totapoints = [number]

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