• Black Dahlia

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    Black Dahlia

    Puzzle Codes:
    Press F2 while a puzzle is displayed to obtain the number of
    that particular puzzle. Enter the corresponding case-sensitive
    code at the puzzle screen to skip that section of the game.

    P8 Stained Glass Puzzle – leadhead
    P11 Winslow’s Safe Puzzle – masterlock
    P14 Wooden House/Lockbox Puzzle – loghouse
    P15 Dresser in Louie’s Loft Puzzle – turnkey
    P21 Raven Room Circular Table Puzzle – arthur
    P22 Seal Puzzle – ringding
    P26 Bag Of Runes Puzzle – gemstone
    P27 Dream – Archway Puzzle – cancan
    P32 Pressure Gauges Puzzle – pressure
    P34 Sewer Levers/Bars Puzzle – barbell
    P35 Raven Room Door Plates Puzzle – triangle
    P36 Candlestick In Raven Room Puzzle – nimble
    P38 Sun/Planets/Door Puzzle – sunspot
    P39 Gearshift Puzzle – Treasure Door #1 – ladybug
    P40 Key Puzzle – Treasure Door #2 – keypunch
    P41 Half-A-Gear Puzzle – Treasure Door #3 – gearoil
    P44 Main Chamber Column Puzzle – temple
    P46 Slider Puzzle – blockhead
    P47 Stone Blocks Puzzle – rock33
    P59 Luggage Crate On Train Puzzle – boxtop
    P67 Cane Lock Puzzle – candycane
    P68 Telegram Puzzle – teleport
    P73 Telescope Puzzle – peeper
    P76 Cuckoo Clock Puzzle – bongo

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