Blackwell Unbound

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Blackwell Unbound

Next to the names related to the plot, there are also a few names
you can look up just for fun. Lauren will give a response.

-Chris Jones (AGS engine creator): This isn’t a British phonebook.
-Dave Gilbert (creator): He hasn’t even been born yet.
-Erin Robinson (artist): This isn’t a Canadian phonebook.
-Joey Mallone: Nope. No entry for Joey.
Joey: Trying to reach out and touch me?
-Rosangela Blackwell (protagonist from The Blackwell Legacy): Nope
no entry. Joey: Who the heck is Rosa Blackwell?
Lauren: I have no idea.
-Russell Stone (protagonist from The Shivah): Lauren finds a listing
and an option appears to call him (with the original voice actor),
leading to a short conversation.

Photo album and unlockables:
Lauren can take 4 bonus photographs in the game using her polaroid.
These unlock bonus material. The people you can photograph are are
Joey (bloopers and directing), the saxophone player at Roosevelt
Island Promenade (concept art), Dwayne (extra music tracks), and C
(Erin Robinson) speaks, artist commentary). The code to view these
items is given after finishing the game.
Click one of the photographs and use the code realugly.

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