• Bladestorm: Nightmare

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    Cheat Codes:

    Complete the following Tasks to earn the listed achievemen To view your
    achievements and stats in Steam, select „Community”, then search for the
    game hub that corresponds to [Bladestorm Select the „View Stats” drop
    down option, then choose the option for your username’s achievement

    Achievement How to unlock
    100 YEARS WAR – Completed Diary in the 100 Years War scenari
    Alliance at Aquitaine – Cleared chapter 2 in the Nightmare scenari
    ARMOR COLLECTOR – Obtained all equipment for male
    ARMY COMPLETE – Able to attack with 4 squad leader
    BANNER LORD – Used banners 500 time
    Battle of Normandy – Cleared chapter 6 in the Nightmare scenari
    BLADESTORM – Obtained all achivement
    COSTUME COLLECTOR – Obtained all equipment for female
    FRIEND AND ALLY – Successfully created an arm
    Gamble in Flanders – Cleared chapter 7 in the Nightmare scenari
    GRAND COMMAND – Successfully performed a concerted army attac
    GREAT EMPLOYER – Summoned a hired squad 500 time
    MASTER OF FIELDS – Obtained S rank in all battle
    MASTER OF ONE – Raised 1 Book level to 9
    Meeting at Gascony – Cleared chapter 1 in the Nightmare scenari
    MERCENARY 1ST STEP – Successfully created an original mercenar
    MERCENARY GENERAL – Cleared the 100 Years War scenari
    RAVAGE AND DESTROY – Initiated an attack with an army of over 200 soldier
    RELENTLESS – Successfully achieved 1000 combo
    RICH AND POWERFUL – Received a total of over 500,000
    Turmoil in Auvergne – Cleared chapter 4 in the Nightmare scenari
    UNDER MY CONTROL – Obtained all Book
    Upheaval in Champagne – Cleared chapter 8 in the Nightmare scenari
    WINGED FIEND’S BANE – Successfully shot down a flying monste
    WITNESS TO HISTORY – Unlocked all viewable movies in the Galler

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