Bleach Training 2

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Bleach Training 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Unlimited everything:
If you want to get unlimited everything, you first must go to
a cite that you don’t have a saved game on. Then you pick load
game, and since you don’t have a saved game there, you will
have everything unlocked (powers) and your hp and mp will
never run out. Plus your hair keeps changing.

Hints Easy experience:
* If the damage done to you by the monsters in an area is minimal
(say for e.g. 1) you can just place a heavy object to hold the j
key of your keyboard and leave it for a while to gain levels.
You can also do this to gain levels for ur armor and zanpakutou.

* To level up to level 90, if u have good defense and the damage
done to u by those freaks next to the town (1st street), you can
use the above strategy. If not yet, u can go and fight the bleaches
using the strategy above to gain levels for your zanpakutou and
armor then check out if ur strong enough to leave ur game

Get everything for free:
When you’re given the mission to go to the real world and kill mechen
you can fight urahara(lv90) and if you beat him you might get a strength
ring.Sell that and you get Nan G!So you can buy anything you want and
you’ll never run out of money.

Become nearly invincible:
Use the Nan G cheat then buy 99 steaks and 99 blue bottles(Large).Use
them in boss fights or really strong enemies and you’ll likely never
die unless the damage is bigger than your HP(after taking lots of damage
use the steaks to heal yourself and blue bottles(Large) to refill in MP).

Kody do gier

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