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Submitted by: Haspa

During the game hit the tilde key (^) to bring down the console.
and type @Password( Panzerklein )

Now enter the following codes:

Code Result
SetIGlobalVar( Cheat.Enable.Chapters, 1 ) – All Missionen
@God( 0, 1 ) – God-Modus
@God( 0,2 ) – God mode with one hit kills
@Win( 0 ) – Win Missionn
@LandReinforcement( <number> ) – Spawn reinforcements
@ChangeWarFog( 1 ) – See enemy units
@ChangeWarFog( 0 ) – See your units
@EnableAviation( 0,-1 ) – Unlock aviation for you
@EnableAviation( 0,<1-5> ) – Enable certain aircraft
@EnableAviation( 1,-1 ) – Unlock aviation for enemy
@SwitchWeather( 1 ) – Bad weather
@SwitchWeather( 0 ) – Clear weather
@ShowActiveScripts( 1 ) – Show active scripts

Enemy planes:
Wait until an enemy plane is sighted. If you send bombers before then, they will
send some fighters. Also, if you do not have AA guns and enemy is sending bombers
such as Wellingtons, B-17s, TB-3s, or He-111s, use your own fighters for dealing
with them.

Use your artillery wisely. Sometimes you can stop or postpone an entire enemy attack.
To use artillery quickly, select the cannons that you want then hold [Left Ctrl] and
press the desired number. The next time that you press the same number, that artillery
will be quickly selected. The same thing can be done with other units.

It is end of the war and your troops should be updated with JS-3 and IS-2 veteran
tanks. However German troops are dug in very well and you must clear a route for an
all-out attack. Use a tank group comprising of at least four JS-3, an equal number of
IS-2s, T-34-85mm, and some tank destroyers. Do not attack the middle. This is the
place with the strongest and most dug in defenses. Get your tanks in the column and
take it totally left along path through the woods. You will encounter about three or
four squads of infantry. Eradicate them. Progress along the path until the path that
gets you to the Hummel battery position. Clear it up. The enemy will counter-attack
with a fresh group of modern tanks. Wait them entrenched, but do not entrench
self-propelled destroyers as it has a limited FOW.
Be careful, as their artillery will start zeroing in.

They have artillery, and you do not. They also have strong 7TP tanks and you have weaker
PzIIAusf.F. However, you have sniper commandoe. Send them to kill enemy tanks.
Also, let them kill enemy QFPounders.

This is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. The enemy is using it, but you
also have honor to put your troops in the state of Ambush. Put your troops in state
of Ambush, then sit tight and let the enemy come close. Then, suddenly hit him with
Double Strength. There is only one weapon that could possibly match Ambush: recon
planes. They reveal troops and makes them the perfect target (for example, the enemy
K39 heavy gun). You should also use Dig-In with Ambush for maximum results. Enemy
ambushes are usually on heights near roads, a clean field in the middle of the
forest, or a small island in the swamp. The enemy usually will have this a tank,
two squads of infantry, or double AT guns guarded by infantry, or sometimes mortars,
AT guns, and trenches full of infantry. The best way to eliminate them is to use
long-range artillery.

Berlin: Artillery:
The enemy will use 170mm cannons. That battery will be positioned to the far north.
Also, they will use Wespe, Hummel, Nebelwerfer, Panzerwerfer, K39, and K18 batteries.
In artillery, you are outgunned. You should not take six ML 152mm cannons. They have
small range. Use ML-19 (122 mm) instead. Although they are less powerful they have
longer range and a faster rate of fire. However you will not be able to range enemy
170 mm cannons. Send paratroopers to the northwest to eliminate the LeFH 105 mm battery
just near the bridge and the 170mm battery on the crossroads on the east side of the
town. For the rest, try to separate artillery. Choose two cannons for each enemy battery.

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