Boogie Bunnies

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Boogie Bunnies

Unlockables – Achievements:
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Unlockable How to unlock:
Bunny Hop (5) – Complete Level 3 in the Arctic Level
Welcome to the Jungle (5) – Reach the Jungle Level
Party Starter (5) – Get a Dance Party started
Get a Dance Party started – Clear 36 or more bunnies in a chain combination
Party All Night (20) – Awarded for getting 4 dance parties in a single level
Arcade Bunny (20) – Successfully complete the full game in Arcade Mode
Bunny Survivor (30) – Reach 100,000 points in Endless Mode
Carrot Topper (20) – Successfully complete the full game in Classic Mode
Quick Like A Bunny (10) – Complete a level in under 2 minutee
Beat the Heat (15) – Complete the Beach Levels without losing a single bunny
Better Together (30) – Reach the Beach Level in Co-op Mode
Hollywood Mogul (30) – Complete the Hollywood Levels without losing any bunnies

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