Bookworm Adventures Volume 2

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Bookworm Adventures Volume 2

Unlockable Modes
Submitted by: Bonek

Adventure Replay – Complete Book 6.
Arena – Complete Book 6.
Mini-Games – Complete Book 5.
Tome of Knowledge – Complete Book 4.

Tome of Knowledge Codes:
You’ll need the following codes to fill the Secrets section of the
Tome of Knowledge Click Lex (or an enemy) in Adventure or Arena
Mode as directed below, or enter the following codes at the Main Menu:

CELEBRATE – Lex dons a party hat, fireworks.
GOBBLE – Lex dons a turkey tail, leaves fall.
SEATTLE – Lex gains a coffee mug, rained.
WINTER – Lex gains a scarf, cocoa, snow.
LOVELY – Lex is surrounded by hearts.
MOUSTACHE – Lex wears a moustache.
CONE – Lex wears a road cone on his head.
PANCAKES – Lex wears pancakes on his head.
PIRATE – Lex wears pirate garb and giggles.
ELITE – The tile grid changes to L33T speak.

Click Lex at the main menu 4 times – Lex will giggle
Click Lex at the main menu – Lex will hiccup
Click Lex at the main menu 8 times – Lex will sneeze
Click an enemy in the Tome 6 times – Shows enemy’s Death animation
Click an enemy in the Tome – Shows enemy’s Hit animation
Click an enemy’s attack in the Tome – Shows the attack’s animation.

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