Bot Arena 3

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Bot Arena 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Combination for every level:
heres a combination for every level that worked: (listed by chassis,
then plating, then components, but i didnt list chassis in first few
because theres only one available.

1. 2 bots, each with chrometek light and raptor d2-01
2. 2 bots, each with overwatch r200 and raptor d2-01
3. 2 bots, each with overwatch r200 and raptor d2-02
4. 2 bots, each with aukaumin dlz 250, gaiacorp lb-mk2, and raptor d2-02
5. same as 4
6. 3 bots, 2 with khacor smartmove, overwatch r760, darsij a101-1, 1 with
akaumin dlz-100, overwatch r200 and raptor d2-02.
7. 3 bots, 2 with khacor smartmove, overwatch r760, torrika kr-2, 1 with
akaumin dlz- 100, chromitek light and d2-01.
8. 2 bots, 1 with khacor smartmove, overwatch760, torrika kr-2, 1 with
xeroi clr-z050, gaiacorp sc r5, and torrika kr-2,
9. 3 bots, 2 with xeroi clr-z050, gaiacorp sc r5, torrika kr-2, 1 with
aukaumin dlz 250, gaiacorp lb-mk2, and raptor d2-02.
10. 3 bots, 2 with xeroi clr-z050, gaiacorp eg-pr, porantis r33, 1 with
akaumin dlz-100 and chrometek light.
11. 2 bots, same as 10 but the component is circes xt
12. 3 bots, 2 same as 11 but the plating is overwatch z, 1 with akaumin
dlz-250, overwatch r760, raptor d2-02.
13. 2 bots, each with khacor electron, one with overwatch z, other with es
sr, both with devenge stk.
14. 2 bots, 1 with khacor electron, overwatch z, and darsik r200-7, other
with khacor electron, gaiacorp ag-pr, themodin cerebus.
15. 3 bots, 2 with khacor electron, overwatch z and temodin cerebus, other
with akaumin dlz 250 and gaiacorp sc-r5.

There you go. on how to do each one i wont say because this is way too long.
hope this helps.

Skip the game:
Submitted by: cody

Hit the right mouse button hit play if in a battle it will take you some ware.

Beware very weird:
well go into chhallenge then hammer time then right click then click forward
as many times(beware you lose sound).

Unlock everything:
Submitted by: Gene

Now u must remember that at the start of the game u dont hav e good stuff but
theres a way to get past that when its loading right click go to play and you
will have everthing there but u might have to try loop and play and all, those
buttons a bit to get money with it if it works it will say congrats ur done and
unlocked everthing heres a trophy and thats it.

Good combanations & money:
Submitted by: rexinton

A good combanation is: After you beat the game if u have a prize orer wacht r760armor
bye the ntech duritacs chasse as for componet bye the neverlaxstw it will wiegh 50
lbs. To get a bunch of money just play the last level a lot with this combantion. if u
did not beat the last level this is how:3 bots’2 with choncor elctrone’over wachtz
'tembond ceberis 1 with awkmen dlz 250’giacorp sc-r5’ztecklp.that is so goddbye.

Hammerhead Time glitch:
Submitted by: Bot Arena Lover

First, start a game. I did new, so to be safe, select new. Then, exit.Go to challenge
mode and select hammertime.Press forward till it goes to the screen with a trophy. U
will lose sound, but after u finish Hammertime, u get all parts! If doesnt work,try
it again, but just use different stuff. Hope this helps!

Free bots at beginning of game:
Submitted by: A playa

Go to challenge and pick the part with the bots you want then in battle preess forward
and save will show up click it then click back on the button (not right mouse) then
enter loaded game and u got it and 8500 money caution:deletes old game!

Kody do gier

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