Bowja 3 – Ninja Kami

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Bowja 3 – Ninja Kami

Submitted by: RM

Part 1.1:
-Shoot off each lock (3) on the crates;
-Land the plane on truck;
-Open the truck door;
-Throw the truck driver out.

Part 1.2:
-Bump the truck ahead three times until the ninja falls on yours;
-Shoot ninja so he falls off;
-Shoot the lock of the truck in front of you and drive into the back
of the truck;
-Kick the ninja driving the truck out of it.

Part 1.3:
-Run over the truck in front of you.

Part 1.4:
-Jump on to the truck ahead of yours;
-Open the chest and grab the Omanari.

Part 2.1:
-Shoot the lighting bolt on the machine to kill the electricity current;
-Shoot the wagon of hay so it runs over the ninja;
-Jump onto the pile of hay that trapped the ninja;
-Climb the pole connected to the building and click the vault;
-Line up the line on the vault so it connects to the lock,
(it goes straight up and down), enter the vault.

Part 2.2:
-Click on the rocks so it breaks;
-Click on one of the roman numeral stones to jump in the water;
-Click on the right side switch
(3 times) and move the switch once to open stone III;
-Go into the newly opened door.

Part 2.3:
-Click on the wheel and exit back.

Part 2.4:
-Click back to the switch area and click the switch 3 mote times so it open II
door, enter the new door.

Part 2.5:
-Use the wheel recently acquired to turn the gauge and exit back to the main area.

Part 2.6:
-Click back to the switch area and click the switch 3 mote times so it open I door,
enter the new door.

Part 2.7:
-Climb up the stairs;
-Shoot the glass on the blue container so it pulls the ninja over to look at it;
-Shoot ninja so he falls in it;
-Shoot the lever so it makes the bridge extend all the way;
-Enter the door, you end up in a machine and click on it.

Part 3.1:
-Click on the truck full of ninjas to pick it up and drop it;
-Click on the robot to advance.

Part 3.2:
-Click on the pile of gray rocks to pick up a rock;
-Click on the cannon part of the tank to put the rock in the hole so when
it shoots, it blows up;
-Click on the robot to advance.

Part 3.3:
-Click on the car on the ground;
-Quickly, click the chopper to throw the car before it shoots you;
-Click on the robot to advance.

Part 3.4:
-Click on the closet bolts holding up the bridge;
-Click on one of the bolts holding up the bridge on the other side;
-It will make you jump out of your robot and run across to the other side;
-Knock out both bolts;
-Click back on your robot;
-Jump on the robot so you and him fall.

Part 4.1:
-Shoot the chunk of robot holding up the boulder above the robot;
-Click on the stick above your to climb up;
-Climb across by clicking the stick across you;
-Push the boulder on the robot.

Part 4.2:
-Notice the signs on the door;
-Click on those signs on the machine to the right;
-Shoot the head above the door to open it;
-Enter the cave.

Part 4.3:
-Notice the letters floating the air;
-The letters spell out Ninja Kami;
-Click on them to spell out Ninja Kami in order;
-N, then i, then n, then j, then a, then K, then a, then m, then i.

Part 4.4:
-Click on the concrete stairs and you win.

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