Brak’s Bean Chomper 2000

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To become invisible, play the first level and lose all your
live A GAME OVER will appear where the enemies generat
Hit an arrow key to start a new game invisibl
You can still get kille

Kody do gier

  • TimelapseTimelapse
    Timelapse Submitted by: rickHH Hints: —— Although you can move using the mouse, I would advise you to …
  • NanpaNanpa
    Nanpa HeXCheat: ——– The way to see the sexy pictures is to be in your starting room, and …
  • SolitaireSolitaire
    Solitaire Hint: —– Submitted by: Aditya Email: After you know that the game is over, instead of [dragging …
  • Sonic RSonic R
    Sonic R Close view of Course: ——————— At the course select screen press Up and Down to zoom …
  • Ocean TraderOcean Trader
    Ocean Trader – HeXCheat – Here’s what to do: Make an investment in the bank (10,000 $ over …