BurgerTime World Tour

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Steam achievements:

American Cheese (10 points) – Complete All USA BurgerTime World Tour Levels
Luchador Lunch (10 points) – Complete All Mexico BurgerTime World Tour Levels
French Fries (10 points) – Complete All France BurgerTime World Tour Levels
Banzai Burger (10 points) – Complete All Japan BurgerTime World Tour Levels
Hardcore (20 points) – Complete Each Level Without Dying
It,s Burger Time! (10 points) – Complete All BurgerTime World Tour Levels
Spatula Man (10 points) – Hit 100 Enemies With The Spatula
Master Chef (20 points) , Win An Online Multiplayer Game
Dirty Burger (20 points) – Crush 2 Other Players In Multiplayer With A Single Ingredient
Burger Please (20 points) – Collect All Burger Letters In A Level
I Am A Grill Champion (20 points) – Get A 3 Star Ranking On All Levels
I Am A Burger God (40 points) – Get A 5 Star Ranking On All Maps

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