Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Haspa

Cheat mode:
To activate cheat codes, go to OPTIONGAME OPTION and ENABLE CONSOLE,
click YES. In menu title press: ~ and type: developer 1 = enable
cheat codes, LOAD button appears, click it and select the level Once
the level is loaded type ~ again and type devmap and you can use
the following codes:

Code Result
god – God Mode
give ammo – All Ammo
give all – All weapons, full ammo, health and armor
noclip – Walk through solid objects
notarget – Invisibility to most enemies
kill – suicide
jumptonode – Teleport to a node
give [item name] – Spawn indicated item
ufo – Flight mode
map [level name] – Level select
demigod – Double health and can survive one grenade
/seta [mission set name] – Mission set select.
/cg_drawFPS [0-4] – Toggle frame rate display.
/cg_drawFPS 0 – Display Off.
/cg_drawFPS 1 – Simple FPS Display.
/cg_drawFPS 3 – Time FPS Display.
/cg_drawFPS 2 – Verbose FPS Display.

Submitted by: NixPox

Write these paramiters on command line: Program Files\Activision\
Call of Duty 2\CoD2SP_s.exe +set developer 1 +set thereisacow 1337
+set developer 2 +set_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0 +set devmap.
Start the game and all cheats are ON after type