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Cheat Codes:

Key Effect
—————————— –
Shift+Up+J – Improve Jumping
Shift+Down+S – Improve Speed
Ctrl+Right+T – Improve Throwing

Kody do gier

  • Fable (1996)Fable (1996)
    Fable (1996) Unlimited gold: ————— Submitted by: RM When you get to the Blind Seeress quest, you can …
  • Shadez The Black OperationsShadez The Black Operations
    Shadez The Black Operations Hint: —– Submitted by: David K. Basically you are at war and must command …
  • Comanche Maximum OverkillComanche Maximum Overkill
    Comanche Maximum Overkill Cheat codes: ———— Submitted by: Dj Simo titel: Comanche – Maximum Overkill Here’s a tip …
  • Prince of YolkfolkPrince of Yolkfolk
    Prince of Yolkfolk HexCheat: ——— LIVES: 773B CHERRIES: 773F HEALTH: (DS 773D
  • Tennis ElbowTennis Elbow
    Tennis Elbow Cheat Codes: ———— Type during gameplay. Code Effect —————————————– MTKIL – win the match. MTWIN – …