Captain Tsubasa J – Platform: Super Nintendo

Secret Teams (World All-Star and Holland):
At the versus screen hold L and R and press start.

Performing two player shots:
During the game, have these players with their bar full, press X and then
the following shoot will occur.

Code Effect
Masao + Kazuo-Skylab Hurricane
Tsubasa + Hyuga-Tiger Drive Twin Shot
Tsubasa + Misaki-Twin Shot
Hyuga + Sawada-Twin Shot

All Teams Password:
Here are the all Matches Passwords. And +1 bonus.

Password Effect
GOAL = Superb skilled players
ANFK BLMB = When you finished Japan vs Thailand
EMMK ALNA = When you finished Milan vs. Juventus
GEOK ALBA = When you finished RJ 7 Matches
EIEK ALJB = When you finished Sao Paulo FC vs Flamengo