Carnivores – Ice Age

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Carnivores – Ice Age

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: nightraider

Type in debugup during play to get debug mode.
You will see coordinates appear in the top right
hand corner and Dinos will ignore you unless you
shoot them.

Keys to use while in debug mode:

Code Result
CTRL – Run Faster
SHIFT+S – Slow Motion
CTRL+N – Long Jumps
SHIFT+T – Show Frame Rate
TAB – Full Map
SHIFT+L – Fly mode
SHIFT+I – Invincibility
Ctrl+N – Super jumps
Shift+M – Remove trees
Shift+] – Increase View Range
Shift+ – Decrease View Range
Shift+P – Phong Mapping
Shift+I – More Trees
Shift+U – Straight Trees
Shift+E – Env. Mapping
Ctrl+Space – Jump higher
Shift + C – Clouds shadows off
Shift + F – V. Fog
Shift + G – Gourard Mapping

Money Cheat:
You need a HexEditor:
Open the TROPHY##.SAV file where ## is equal to names listed, first is 01,
second is 02 ect. The files are in the game root directory.

Find address: 000084 to 000085
Replace those two bytes with: FF FF
Save the file and surprise, you now have over
$65,000 to go hunting with!

Always bring the radar. It’s best to know where your prey is and approach from
downwind. Use it to hunt the critter and get out before other, larger animals
spot you.

Try to bring the most powerful gun you can afford on each trip. Most of these
monsters will charge after your first shot. You need to make every shot count.

The diatryma likes to leap at you. If your first and second shots don’t bring it
down, quickly dodge its attack, then nail its side before it lands.

Submitted by: Atiq.ur.Rehman

With This You Haven All Of The Animals insted Yeti(BIG FOOT)Go
Carnivores 3\HUNTDAT in it you haven a file _res in it all of the animal,
guns and tracks prices you haven example 100,500,250,1000 replace into 0
after that you haven all you want.

Jump higher:
Press {Ctrl} + [Space].

Cheat mode (alternate):
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the
file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the _res file in the huntdat
folder in the game folder. This file describes each weapon, character and price
in the game. Edit the values as needed. For example, changing the power value
to 20 will kill anything with one shot.
Change the rate value to a higher number will increase the rate of fire.
Increase the shots value to increase the capacity of the weapon.
The aggressiveness, health and other character attributes can also be changed.
Weapon and item prices can be lowered to a value of 10 and the start value raised
to 500 to allow anything to be purchased when the game begins.
Note: Buying multiple weapons in the selection screen may not result in all those
weapons being available during game play.

Play as Yeti:
Get over 1,000 points during game play

Hint List:
-Diatryma can swim after you in deep water.
-All animals can kill you. Some are listed peaceful and that is not true.
-Climbing mountains is easier where snow lies.
-The wind meter detects wind blowing the direction that the triangle points to.
-In observer mode, animals only attack you if you walk into them.
-In debug mode, Animals only attack when you shoot at them or run into them.
-In debug mode, the double barreled shotgun shoots only one shot but still reloads
two shells after the initial shot.
-Some animals are not supposed to get in water at all. But ones that run and jump
fast sometimes get into the water.
-For extra sound sensitive animals, use your mating call to attract them towards you.
-Always walk against the wind when hunting to help avoid being detected by the animals.
-The non-game animals such as pig and Archeopterics do not give you points.
-Animals you do not select to hunt that you come across gain you less points
if you kill them.

Kody do gier

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